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한일 ?거절?표현의 대조연구 - 교재분석을 중심으로

저자 : 아오키사야카
출판년월 : 2012년06월
파일 : 파일 다운로드
This thesis is focused on the study of the expression of refusal, by contrasting their usage in the educational materials for studying the Japanese and Korean languages for foreigners.The result of this study can be summarized as follows: (1) The number of Japanese refusal expressions is bigger than Korean refusal expressions. However, refusal expressions concerned with request expressions outnumber expressions of invitation in both Korean and Japanese study materials. (2) In both Japanese and Korean educational materials, there are a big number of expressions of refusal in many situations of request. But in situations of refusal, expressions of invitation are very uncommon. (3) Apology, excuses and pretexts are the components by which the core of the educational materials is composed. (4) In both Korean and Japanese materials,”-NDESU” and “-(O)YO” styles, constitute the most used markers for indicating a reason.


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