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영어 전치사 on과 이탈리아어 전치사 su의 인지언어학적 고찰

저자 : 염철호?권연진
출판년월 : 2012년06월
파일 : 파일 다운로드
This paper compares the English preposition “on” with the Italian preposition “su”, based on cognitive linguistics and shows that ‘the contact of a trajector with a landmark' is their common prototypical meaning. It is altered into three kinds of meanings: contact state alteration, stative state alteration and visibility alteration. These alterations belong to prototypical meaning, because their basic meaning is 'contact' in a broad meaning. The first two are common in both prepositions “on” and “su”. However, the last one is found only in English. Both spacial prepositions are commonly used as a source concept to conceptualize several abstract target concepts such as time, ground and reason of action, theme of writing or lecture, topic of book or paper, aggravation and addition. The spacial meanings of two prepositions are metaphorically extended in different ways as well. Nevertheless, their difference is not so significant. Finally, this paper shows that abstract extended meanings of the Italian preposition are very scant, compared to English. According to Talmy(2000), it depends on the cognitive difference between two different language speakers.


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