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독어에서 유표성과 병렬적 명사구의 어순제약

저자 : 장기성
출판년월 : 2012년06월
파일 : 파일 다운로드
This study presents an investigation into the word order of parallel NPs in German. Previous studies mostly focused on the word order of idiomatic parallel NPs in English with little research attention paid to that of non-idiomatic parallel NPs. Thus the study made the first attempt to investigate the word order of non-idiomatic parallel NPs. As for methodology, the investigator conducted an experiment as to how much the major principles of Cognitive Linguistics such as ‘Me-first Principle', ‘Naturalness Principle' and ‘Salience Principle' could be applied to the markedness theory. Used in the experiment were the linguistic data from the search results at Yahoo! Deutschland. The findings show that the three principles can be applied to non-idiomatic parallel NPs as well as idiomatic parallel NPs and suggest that Koreans will be able to have very good results with the usage of parallel NPs in German by applying the three principles.


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