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An n-gram Analysis of Maritime English

저자 : 홍신철
출판년월 : 2012년06월
파일 : 파일 다운로드
The study aims to analyse sequence patterns of prefabricated words (n-grams) of Maritime English. Since they are often used for characterising texts, the study focuses on consecutive four word sequences (4-grams) which are extracted from the Maritime English Corpus (MECO). For this end, 4-grams of MECO are contrastively compared with those in the Lancaster Oslo/ Bergen Corpus (LOB) to identify distinctive features of specialised texts in Maritime English in terms of three analytical factors: token, type, and type-token ratio (TTR). The results of the analysis show that the Noun Phrase (NP) is the most common 4-gram in MECO, but the Prepositional Phrase (PP) in LOB. In each sub-genre of MECO, NP is also a commonly used 4-gram in Law. More specifically, NP+ of+NP in the NP category and Preposition (Prep)+NP+of in the PP category are the most common forms in Maritime English.


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